Mesh Technology – EquipIQ

Unleash the Power of Your Equipment with EquipIQ™

Traditional Wi-Fi holding your massive IoT network hostage?

You’re not alone. Limited capacity, security concerns, and skyrocketing infrastructure upgrades plague traditional networks. EquipIQ™ shatters those limitations, offering an innovative, long-range monitoring solution designed for freedom and scalability.

EquipIQ™ makes your equipment smarter, not harder.

  • Unbreakable Independence: Proprietary encrypted communication keeps your network secure, eliminating reliance on vulnerable Wi-Fi.
  • Effortless Setup: Minimize installation and maintenance costs with fewer devices and minimal wiring. Line-of-sight is not required, simplifying setup for any environment.
  • Cut the Cord: EquipIQ™ operates independently of existing Wi-Fi, freeing you from security risks, bandwidth limitations, and expensive upgrades.
  • Powerful Security Benefits: Encrypted communication with high device capacity (up to 1,000 per gateway) safeguards your network and ensures smooth operation for even the densest deployments.
  • Unmatched Coverage: One gateway blankets expansive areas, conquering coverage challenges that plagued your previous network.

EquipIQ™ empowers you to unlock the true potential of your connected devices. Experience the freedom and security of a smarter equipment network. Contact us today or click patented mesh technology!